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Loans, Grants and in kind Assistance Received by the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) in Support of COVID -19 Response Initiatives

Last Update on 27thJuly

The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL), having monitored the spread of the virus around the World, has been proactive in its response to battling the all-encompassing effects of the COVID – 19 virus. These actions include the establishment of quarantine centers and expanding the health care facilities to meet any sudden increase of COVID-19 infected patients. Actions have been undertaken to organize essential healthcare facilities, supporting logistics, and food distribution with maximum “social distancing” initiatives being given the high priority. Furthermore, movements at ports and airports have been scaled down only for supporting urgent cases.

Having considered the stringent measures that the country has taken to ensure people’s welfare, several countries and international organizations have contributed to the Government's COVID -19 response initiatives by providing loans, and donating various medical supplies, equipment and also providing financial support (grants).

  • Loans, grants and in kind assistance received up to 22.05.2020 (as per the table attached to the Cabinet             Paper No. 20/0851/204/083 and dated 26.05.2020)- Annexure 1

  • Loans, grants and in kind assistance received from 23.05.2020 - 12.06.2020 (as per the table attached to the    Cabinet Paper No. 20/0953/204/083-I and dated 16.06.2020) -  Annexure 2

  • Loans, grants and in kind assistance received from 13.06.2020 – 27.07.2020 Annexure 3



Last Update on 23rd October 2019

The General Treasury commenced publishing data on fiscal operations and outstanding government debt on the Ministry’s website in 2015. Monthly data on fiscal operations of the government (with a lag of two months) and quarterly data on outstanding government debt (with a lag of one quarter) are now available on the Ministry website.


Data on Fiscal Operations


Data on fiscal operations mainly comprise (i) revenue, (ii) expenditure, and (iii) financing.

  • Revenue data are shown under tax and non-tax sources, while data on grants are shown separately.

  • Under expenditure, recurrent and capital expenditure data are shown separately, with a further breakdown of recurrent expenditure into interest payments, salaries and wages, pensions, medicine, Samurdhi savings supplements, and other transfers. Data on capital expenditure are categorized under public investments and other investments

  • Under financing, data on borrowing and repayments are shown separately for each of domestic and foreign financing.


Data on Outstanding Government Debt


The quarterly data on outstanding government debt are broken down into domestic and foreign debt. Under domestic outstanding debt, instrument-wise data are shown such as Treasury bills, Treasury Bonds, Rupee Loans, Sri Lanka Development Bonds, Advances from Central Bank of Sri Lanka etc.

The following links provide access to annual, quarterly, and monthly data for sample periods as indicated.


Government Fiscal Operations Annual  Click here to download
Monthly  Click here to download
Government Debt Annual  Click here to download
Quarterly  Click here to download


Further, the following are direct links to various other sources of key economic data and statistics.