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Formats for Download


Format No Title English සිංහල  Tamil
TOD-/REV/02 Statement of the Revenue Waivers and the approved Revenue Waivers as at 31.12.2014 Download Download  
TOD-/REV/01 Statement of Arrears of Revenue - 31.12.2014 Download Download  
TOD/IMP/02 Application for Annual Imprest Limits  Download  Download  Download
TOD/IMP/03 Statement of Monthly Cash Flow as per Approved Expenditure Plan  Download  Download  Download
TOD/IMP/04 Allocation to other Ministries/ Department  Download  Download  Download
TOD/IMP/05 Monthly Imprest Application  Download  Download  Download
TOD/IMP/06 Remittance of Cash Balance to The Treasury (7002)  Download  Download  Download
TOD/IMP/07 Remittance of Cash Balance to The Treasury  (7003)  Download  Download  Download
TOD/IMP/7(i) Reconciliation Statement of Imprest Reimbursable Foreign Aid  Download  Download  Download


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