Accounting Services

Operation of the Centralized Accounting System of the Government of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and preparation and publication of the Annual and bi-annual accounts of the Government.


  •    Issuing required instructions and guidelines to all CAOO and AOO as to the closing of the accounts at the end of financial year and providing them with accounting data and information for the preparation of their Annual Appropriation Accounts and Annual Revenue Accounts.
  •   Collection of copies of Audited Appropriation Accounts from CAOO/ AOO and Audited Annual Revenue Accounts from RAOO.
  •    Review of observations made by the Auditor General for taking appropriate actions to rectify the system deficiencies, if any.
  •   Preparation of consolidate Appropriation and Revenue Accounts.
  •   Compilation of accounting data in Revenue, Expenditure and Public Debt already collected from ministries and departments, processing them further, to have required information for drafting Annual Financial Statements of the Government for the previous year in conformity.
  •  Ensure accuracy of Control Account Balances in main ledger after reconciliation with individual balances reported by line agencies and TOD.
  •   Presentation of necessary information to the CAOO/ AOO regarding inactive deposit/ advances accounts and monitoring following actions.
  •   Operation of Treasury Miscellaneous Advance Accounts (Paddy purchasing/ Foreign pensions/ FR 106 advances etc.) and Crown Agents Accounts.
  •  Scrutinize authorized documents regarding FR 66/69 Supplementary provision/ Budgetary provision and updating   necessary records.
  •  Represent the COPA in parliament, seek explanation from Departments and Ministries and prepare for COPA meeting.
  •  Attend to all audit queries related to Department of State Accounts and send reply in time.  Coordinate audit queries on National Accounts of all the Departments and Ministries.
  •  Forwarding indents to Crown Agents and Government procurements from Crown Agents.




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How to Contact 

Director (Accounting Services)                           -      0112484753

Deputy Director (Accounting Services)               -      0112484737

Deputy Director (Accounting Services)               -      0112484755




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