• Contributing to enhance the effectiveness of Internal Audit of the Public Sector.

  • Strengthening Internal Audit through Audit and Management Committees.

  • Introducing guidelines required to improve the Management Audit.

  • Assisting the top Management by performing Management Audit functions of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury Departments.

  • Strengthening the process of Management Audit in the Development Projects.

  • Disclosure of irregularities takes place and may take place in the Public Sector through special investigations and introduction of preventive measures and recommendations to curb such situations and occurrences.


  • Performing Management Audit in respect of the Ministry of Finance, Treasury Departments and projects coming under them.

  • Providing necessary technical support by coordinating Internal Audit Divisions of all Departments under the Ministry of Finance as well as Internal Audit Units of other Ministries and Departments.

  • Performing the following activities to achieve success in Management Auditing Process.

    • Providing necessary guidance by co-ordinating Internal Audit Units.

    • Direct involvement in providing necessary guidance and Treasury representation to strengthen the process of Audit and Management Committees.

    • Review of Internal Audit plans of all Internal Audit Units and guide for necessary improvements.

    • Conducting Special Investigations and reporting those whenever necessary.




Room No. 024

Department of Management Audit, Ministry of Finance, The Secretariat, Colombo 01

Phone : +94 112 484 543

Fax : +94 112 449 496

         +94 112 484 772

Email : dgma@dma.treasury.gov.lk