• Introduction of relevant reforms for Human Resource Development of the Public Sector.

  • Conduct Co-operate reviews on mission, objectives, systems procedures and staff of Public Institutions and submit recommendations to relevant authorities.

  • Identify duplicating of functions of Public Institutes on the requirement of regularization and restructure of Public Institutions.

  • Conduct staff reviews improve systems, building up and strengthening of organizational structure in order to ensure efficiency and productivity of the Public Sector.

  • Formation of standards and criteria for cadre management.

  • Identification of excess staff, deploy them productively, re-distribution and contributing towards ceasing of service.

  • Identifications of services which can be outsourced for Public Institutions.

  • Assisting where necessary, in the formation of Service Minutes, recruitment procedures and approve Scheme of Recruitments of State Owned Enterprises.

  • Examining and making necessary recommendations for proposals on re-employment of retired officers and appointment of consultants.

  • Maintain and updating of information systems related to cadres in Public Sector.

  • Contributing towards preparation of policies relating to recruitments.

  • Remuneration management inclusive of Salaries, Bonuses, Incentive Schemes, Welfare proposals.

  • Provision of consultancy services on cadre management in Provincial Councils and Local Government Institutions.

  • Conduct study on obsolete benefit schemes in the Public Sector.




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