To provide information about government financial affairs to those who require such information in order to evaluate past financial performance, present financial position and future financial prospects.



  • Compilation of Monthly Summaries of Accounts.

  • Preparation & publication of Financial Statement of central government monthly, semi annually and annually. Collection of financial statement from provincial councils. Preparation of Annual Consolidated Financial Statements.

  • Improvement & maintenance of Accounting Information Systems & Web-based publication of Financial Information on monthly and quarterly basis.

  • Introduction of elements to move towards accrual basis accounting with IPSAS & GPS.

  • Generating management information through AS/400 Treasury Accounting System.

  • Providing accounting information to government agencies including Treasury Departments.

  • Collection & Validation of accounting data transmitted by Accounting Units of the government ministries, departments and Treasury at regular time intervals with least possible time and least cost via e-mail and Internet.

  • Maintenance of Central Accounting database by making use of the accounting data received from Ministries and Departments for the generation of required accounting and statistical information.

  • Processing of accounting data collected prepare periodical reports as required for the review of the progress on the implementation of the budget and for other monitoring and decision making purposes.

  • Preparation of special Ad hoc reports to the top management.




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