Payment of Salaries, Salary Advances and Pensions for the year 2015

Last update on 27th November 2014

It has been decided by the General Treasury that the authorized dates to commence payments of monthly salaries, salary advances and monthly pensions during the year 2014 are as in the schedule attached.

Therefore you are kindly advised to make necessary arrangements to make payments according to the Treasury Operations Circular No. 3/2014


Closing of Cash Books for the year 2014 and settlement of Imprest Accounts – Treasury Operations Circular No 4/2014

Last update on 27th November 2014

You are kindly requested to comply with instructions given by the above Circular when closing of the cash books and settlement of Imprest Accounts for year 2014.Circular 04/2014.


Miscellaneous Revenue Estimates for the year 2015

Last update on 27th November 2014

Your attention is drawn to the Fiscal Policy Circular Number 01/2002 dated 17.07.2002 and amendment made them to which consist of guidelines in respect of estimating, collecting, supervision and reporting of government revenue and the circular number 01/2002 (X) dated 03.07.2009.


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