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Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation

Last Update on 27thMay 2019

Sri Lankan Airlines Ltd

3 Separate Procurements

Ref. ProcuNotice20190526001

Following procurement exercises of SriLankan Airlines which will be carried out under International Competitive Bidding.

1. Supply of Cognac for Business Class & Cognac /Brandy for Economy Class Service Reference No: 201831090

2. Disposable Plastic Tumblers for Economy Class Reference No: 201930194

3. Supply of Disposable Headrest Covers and Pillow Covers for Economy Class Use Reference No: 201930228

The bidding forms could be downloaded directly from  

Bid Closing Date: 02nd July at 10.00 am Sri Lankan Time (GMT +5:30 Time Zone)

Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation

Last Update on 20thMay 2019

Sri Lankan Airlines Ltd

Invitation for Submission of Bids for Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Dual View X-Ray Machines

Reference No: 201930187

Ref. ProcuNotice20190515002

This procurement exercise of SriLankan Airlines will be carried out under International Competitive Bidding.

The bidding forms could be downloaded directly from   with effect from 19th May 2019.

Bid closing: 2nd July 2019 at 2.00 pm Sri Lankan time (GMT + 5:30 Time Zone)

Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine

Last Update on 15thMay 2019

State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka

30 Separate Procurements

44,000 Ampoules of Diazepam Injection 10mg/2ml (DHS/P/WW/333/20), 2,000 Ampoules of Benztropine Injection 2mg/2ml (DHS/P/WW/334/20), 30,000 Ampoules of Phenytoin Sodium Injection 250mg in 5ml (DHS/P/WW/335/20), 660,000 Tablets of Clobazam Tablet 5mg (DHS/P/WW/336/20), 7,500,000 Tablets of Sodium Valproate Tablet 100mg (DHS/P/WW/337/20), 165,000 Tablets of Disulfiram Tablet 250mg (DHS/P/WW/338/20), 5,400,000 Tablets of Co-careldopa Tablet 25/250mg (DHS/P/WW/339/20), 5,600,000 Tablets of Clobazam Tablets 10mg (DHS/P/WW/340/20), 10,000,000 Tablets of Flunarizine Hydrochloride Tablet 5mg (DHS/P/WW/341/20), 640,000 Tablets of Co-careldopa Tablet 25/100mg (DHS/P/WW/342/20), 270,000 Tablets of Alprazolam Tablet 0.25mg (DHS/P/WW/343/20), 1,800,000 Tablets of Carbamazepine Tablet 100mg (DHS/P/WW/344/20), 430,000 Tablets of Donepezil Hydrochloride Tablet 5mg (DHS/P/WW/345/20), 960,000 Tablets of Lorazepam Tablet 1mg (DHS/P/WW/346/20), 500,000 Capsules of Duloxetine (Hydrochloride) 20mg Capsule (DHS/P/WW/347/20), 46,000 Bottles of Sodium Valproate Syrup 200mg/5ml, 100ml (DHS/P/WW/348/20), 450 Sprays of Midazolam Nasal Spray 0.5mg/md, 50 dose unit (DHS/P/WW/349/20), 1,000,000 Vials of Dextrose for IV use 50%, 50ml (DHS/P/WW/350/20), 25,000,000 Ampoules of Water for Injection 10ml vial (DHS/P/WW/351/20), 115,000 Bottles of Sodium Chloride 0.45% & Dextrose 5%, Injection 500ml (DHS/P/WW/352/20), 110,000 Ampoules of Sodium Bicarbonate for IV use 8.4%, 50ml (DHS/P/WW/353/20), 10,500,000 Tablets of Potassium Chloride Tablet 600mg (DHS/P/WW/354/20), 560,000 Tablets of Zinc Sulfate Dispersible Tablet 20mg (DHS/P/WW/355/20), 10,000,000 Tablets of Sodium Bicarbonate Tablet 600mg (DHS/P/WW/356/20), 1,100 Ampoules of Metoprolol Tartrate Injection 5mg in 5ml (DHS/P/WW/357/20), 345,000 Ampoules of Potassium Chloride 15%, Injection 10ml (DHS/P/WW/358/20), 136,000 Ampoules of Hydroxocobalamine Injection 1mg/1ml (DHS/P/WW/359/20), 46,000 Tablets of Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Tablet 100mg (DHS/P/WW/360/20), 10,000 Tablets of Pyridoxal Phosphate Tablet 50mg (DHS/P/WW/361/20), 75,000 Capsules of Biotin Capsule 5mg (DHS/P/WW/362/20)

PFD Ref. ProcuNotice20190515001

Date of issue of Bidding Documents: 25.04.2019

Closing Date & Time: 06.06.2019 at 9.00 a.m.