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Ministry of Finance

Last Update on 7thAugust 2019

Recruiting of a Capital Market Consultant

The Ministry of Finance seeks to obtain the services of a Capital Market Expert to work as a “Capital Market Consultant” (the Consultant) to analyze trends and developments in the domestic and global capital market, provide advice on a timely manner on strategies to access international capital markets, contribute to institutionalize existing debt management arrangements and capacity development of officials of the General Treasury.

Responses to be submitted on or before 21st August 2019 via electronic form. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview (direct or conference arrangements).

PFD Ref. ProcuNotice20190806001

Clause 7 of the Terms of Reference (TOR) has been changed

Ministry of Finance

Last Update on 17thJuly 2019

Department of Public Enterprises

Selection of a Consultancy firm for the Interior Design and Supervision of Refurbishment of the Department of Public Enterprises

Ref. PED /I/RENO/2/11(i)

Ministry of Transport and civil Aviation

Last Update on 28thMay 2019

Sri Lankan Airlines Ltd

Supply of Main Meal Dishes for Economy Class Use - Reference No: 201833226

Ref. ProcuNotice20190628003

The bidding forms could be downloaded directly from the link  

Closing Date: 30th July 2019, 1000 hrs SriLankan Time (GMT +5:30)