• Formulation of policies and programs, monitoring and evaluation in regard to the subjects of finance and taxation and those subjects that come under the purview of Departments, Statutory Institutions and Public Corporations

  • Formulation of policies for public finance and macro financial management

  • Preparation of annual budget and management of financial resources

  • Execution of the national budget and enforcement of budgetary and Finance financial controls

  • Management of national tax policies and productive use of Government revenue

  • Enforcement of Government Financial Regulations

  • Management of the Consolidated Fund

  • Overall supervision of revenue agencies

  • Public expenditure management

  • Advisory services on Government procurement

  • Overseeing departmental and other public funds

  • Maintenance of Treasury Minutes on reports of the Public Accounts Committee

  • Formulation of guidelines for the promotion of management audit in the departments

  • Cadre management

  • Matters relating to all other subjects assigned to Institutions

  • Supervision of the Institutions





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