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Data & Statistics Published By Ministry of Finance

Loans, Grants and in kind Assistance Received by the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) in Support of COVID -19 Response Initiatives

Last Update on 27thJuly 2020

The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL), having monitored the spread of the virus around the World, has been proactive in its response to battling the all-encompassing effects of the COVID – 19 virus. These actions include the establishment of quarantine centers and expanding the health care facilities to meet any sudden increase of COVID-19 infected patients. Actions have been undertaken to organize essential healthcare facilities, supporting logistics, and food distribution with maximum “social distancing” initiatives being given the high priority. Furthermore, movements at ports and airports have been scaled down only for supporting urgent cases.

Having considered the stringent measures that the country has taken to ensure people’s welfare, several countries and international organizations have contributed to the Government's COVID -19 response initiatives by providing loans, and donating various medical supplies, equipment and also providing financial support (grants).