Department of Management Audit

Department of Management Audit


To be the most outstanding and value adding Management Audit Partner for the best performance and accountability of public service.


Providing assistance and guidance to achieve the expected outcomes of public sector organizations through strengthening of internal control as a Treasury Department.


1. To Contribute to enhance the effectiveness of Internal Audit in Public Sector.

2. To Strengthen the Internal Audit through Audit and Management Committees.

3. To Introduce necessary Guidelines for the development of Internal Audit.

4. To Strengthen the process of Management Audit in Development Projects.

5. To Disclose irregularities that have been occurred and irregularities to be occurred in future in the Public Sector through special investigations and introduce preventive measures and recommendations to avoid such situations and occurrences.


1. Perform as the apex body of the public sector internal audit in order to uplift and enhance the quality and efficiency of internal auditing.
2. Introduce circulars and guidelines on internal auditing with periodical updating.
3. Coordinate and guide internal audit units in public sector organizations.
4. Capacity development of internal auditors in the public sector organizations.
5. Represent Audit and Management Committees in each Ministries, Departments, District Secretariats, and Special spending units with guidance.
6. Monitor and guide the internal audit activities of development projects under the Ministries.
7. Conduct special investigations and special audits.
8. Participate to the meetings of Committee on Public Accounts, and prepare and submit the Integrated Treasury Report to the COPA.
9. Take actions under the relevant provisions of the National Audit Act.
10. Give necessary Contribution to public sector institutions on achieving sustainable development goals through internal audit activities.