Department of National Budget



1. Formulation of the National Budget

In accordance with the government economic development plans, annual budget for the state is formulated including Ministries, Departments, Provincial Councils and Statutory Boards in consultation with the Spending Agencies and the relevant Treasury Departments to achieve fiscal targets stipulated by the government as per the Fiscal Management (Responsibility) Act; and annual estimates are prepared under the Medium Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF) for a period of next 03 years.

2. Public Expenditure Management

2.1 Issuance of guidelines and Circulars related to Budget Implementation including authorization

2.2 Enforcement of controls to ensure that funds are used exclusively for the appropriate purposes within the approved limits and the fiscal discipline is maintained

2.3 Interacting with the Spending Agencies to ensure operational efficiency

2.4 Recommendation to Department of Treasury Operation (TOD) to release cash for selected capital projects as determined by the Budget Revenue Implementation Committee (BRIC).

2.5 Preparation of Observations on Cabinet Memoranda related to National Budget

2.6 Representing the Treasury at the Committee on Public Accounts (COPA), Committee on Public Finance (COPF) and Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) meetings

2.7 Representing the Treasury at the Parliamentary Committees, Presidential Meetings and Prime Minister’s Meetings

2.8 Relocation of provisions to ensure allocative efficiency

3. Advance Account Activities

Determination of limits for the Commercial, Stores, Public Officer’s Advance Accounts and revision of this limits based on requests of spending agencies.

4. Implementation of budget monitoring

4.1 Be the Secretary to the Budget Review Implementation Committee.

4.2 Issuing guidelines & circulars relating to the Budget Monitoring.

4.3 Monitor financial & Physical performance of Ministries including Departments and Statutory Boards Budget Proposals.

5. Allocation of Financial Resources for Programs/Projects

Allocation of Financial Resources required for new Programs/Projects, proposed by the Hon. Minister of Finance under budget proposals.

6. Other

Department of National Budget is responsible to carry out the activities of the BRIC as the Security to the committee.