Department of Project Management and Monitoring

Department of Project Management and Monitoring


Towards effectiveness in development


Monitor, evaluate and facilitate all development initiatives and advocate implementing agencies to ensure delivery of intended development results

Objective/ Outcome

Improved delivery of intended development results within the agreed time and cost through optimum utilization of resources

Key Functions

1. Gather and analyze information of foreign and local financing development projects and programmes.

2. Review and report the performance of large & mega scale projects and programmes to the Cabinet of Ministers.

3. Facilitate development partners to review the status of project and programmes under their finance.

4.Verify the results achievement of selected foreign financing development projects and certify their status enabling lending agencies to disburse loan tranches.

5. Facilitate to implement National Evaluation Policy.

6. Undertake projects assessments and evaluations on demand and providing feedback to the planning process.

7. Facilitate cash flow process of Ministry of Finance through recommending financial requirements of the regional development programmes based on their implementation states.

8. Disseminate development information through publishing reports on development performance of projects and programmes.