Frequently Asked Questions

Government Budget

1. How do I get the latest Budget Statement and Revenue and Expenditure Estimates?

You can download the Budget Statement from our website

2. What are the departments of the treasury that facilitate the National Budget making process?

National Planning Department 

Policy development and planning in line with Government’s overall policy vision and the preparation of public investment plans and strategies. In terms of Financial Regulations, all specific proposals should have the clearance of the National Planning Department. 

Fiscal Policy Department

Setting out the macro-fiscal framework, evaluating the conduct of Government fiscal strategy and ensuring public knowledge relating to Government fiscal performance. 

Trade, Tariff and Investment Policy Department

Formulating policies relating to international trade, Customs tariff and taxes and carrying out oversight responsibilities of the Customs administration and trade/ investment policy. 

Public Enterprises Department  

Ensuring Government revenue from Public Enterprises through the collection of profits and dividend and monitoring the performance of such enterprises to ensure that they are able to operate as financially independent entities without burdening the National Budget, unless the Government declares a specific role to be played by any such entity.   

National Budget Department 

Formulation of the National Budget and related public expenditure management and ensuring that the Budget objectives are met through effective coordination with line ministries and such other agencies. 

Management Services Department

Cadre and remuneration management in the public sector and Public Enterprises, with a view to enhance performance and productivity and ensuring the proper deployment of officers to deliver services. 

External Resources Department

Facilitating coordination, negotiation and mobilization of external funds within limits approved by the Parliament to be used towards development objectives of the Government and ensuring that all external funds to Government Ministries and other agencies are channelled through the National Budget unless otherwise recognized.

Development Finance Department

Assisting the Budget making process by facilitating to identify primarily the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises towards formulation of proposals relating to economic development and related financial instruments and follow-up on the related implementation. 

Public Finance Department

Ensuring compliance with the regulatory aspects of public finance, procurement and asset management and accountability in the conduct of public finance. 

Legal Affairs Department

Ensuring legal compliance relating to the Budget making process and assisting in the preparation of legislation and regulations to give effect to Budget proposals in a timely manner.

Foreign Aid and Budget Monitoring Department

Functioning as the national focal point for macro fiscal monitoring and the evaluation of development policies, programs, and projects of the Government, to ensure results. 

Treasury Operations Department   

Executing and operationalizing the approved National Budget through the release of appropriate imprest to spending agencies and ensuring that all legal and procedural limits are complied.   

State Accounts Department

Recording and reconciling Government revenue and expenditure, preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual Government accounts having discussed with relevant Departments, monitoring the progress and dissemination of such information in a timely manner. 

Management Audit Department

Carrying out internal audit functions in relation to performance within the overall responsibilities assigned to departments and spending agencies.

3. Who are the stakeholders involved in the budget consultation process?


  • People’s Representatives
  • Technocrats
  • Private Sector
  • Trade Unions
  • Interest Groups
  • Development Partners
  • Lending Agencies
  • Rating Agencies
  • Individuals and Community Groups
  • Professional Associations