Department of Management Services


1. Introduction required cadre to the Public Sector.

2. Conducting cadre reviews to introduce new systems and methodologies through identification of optimum cadre requirement in line with the mission and the objectives of the public sector institutions.

3. Granting approval to create cadre and to fill the vacancies identifying the posts to be suppressed and revision to the cadre.

4. Approving cadre and deciding salary for the staff in the projects of the government.

5. Approving recruitment procedures and promotional procedures for the public corporations, statutory boards and fully government owned companies.

6. Upgrading criteria and standards considering cadre requirement/ Upgrading criteria and standards for the government sector posts

7. Identifying excess staff, deploying them effectively and submission of proposals for revision and termination of service

8. Identifying the needs of improving the physical environment and the areas to be mechanized /automated, computerized and outsourced.

9. Studying/ Reviewing focused on the requirements for improvement of service minutes and service conditions.

10. x. Examining and making recommendations after scrutinizing proposals of the Cabinet of Ministers on re-employment of retired officers in the public sector and appointment of Consultants.

11. Maintaining cadre information systems in Public Service and Provincial Public Service.

12. Conducting studies on recruitment policy, skills development training and planning of succession as well as assisting relevant authorities to implement such matters.

13. Managing salaries and incentive schemes, welfare schemes and any other remuneration schemes in the public sector and conduct studies and give observations in relevant to retirement benefits of the public sector.

14. Identifying duplication of functions in the Public Sector Institutions with the objective of restructuring and the sizing of the Public Institutions.

15. Providing consultancy services in relevant to institutional reviews, cadre management and salaries of the Provincial Councils and Local Authorities.

16. Submission of updated cadre information report to the Cabinet quarterly.

17. Preparing and Publishing of report on Public Sector Cadre annually

18. Preparing and Publishing of report on Public Sector Cadre including their Salaries and allowances annually.